Seminar with David Hykes:

Harmonic Presence

Music of the Spheres of Being

Gomde, Denmark, 12-14 July, 2019

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Intensive weekend retreat
with David Hykes

Gomde Højskole is proud to present a unique experience in the space where meditation and music meet and interact. An intensive weekend retreat with David Hykes - a pioneer explorer and teacher in this space.

This retreat is for everyone who feels drawn to the subtle relationships of voice, listening awareness, the yoga of sound, communication and harmony. Here is a rare opportunity for exploring and training in these with David Hykes, composer, singer, musical educator, choir leader as well as contemplative teacher.

In David's own words, "The Harmonic Presence work combines of a music of the spheres of being, Harmonic Chant, with contemplative training and healing harmonization. Through harmonics (overtones) and other embodied qualities of voice and sound, we find  deeper and fuller experiences of body, group and meditative awareness.

This weekend will be an intensive training in the Harmonic Presence work. Participants in earlier retreat-seminars have reported that this is a great and touching experience - an “aesthetic journey in rising cathedrals of light and sound” as one participant reported. But the main thing to take home is really the training in awareness of mind, body, and voice/breath.

Throughout the seminar, we will be working with finer and finer harmonics of listening, breath, silence, space, sensory awareness vibration and light, supporting meditative stability in the vast and ever-present “Ancient Time.”


David Hykes

David Hykes –  Composer, singer, teacher of contemplative music and meditation, visual artist. Founder of Harmonic Chant and the Harmonic Presence contemplative work, which blends music, meditation, open mindfulness and the medicine of healing harmonization, in the form of retreats, seminars and online programs. David has developed unique contemplative forms of vocal music and is justly famous for live concerts and 12 albums so far, as well as films scores in realms of the sacred, the mysterious and the wondrous, including “Travellers and Magicians” by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, “Meetings with Remarkable Men” by Peter Brook, “Baraka” by Ron Fricke and “The Tree of Life” by Terrence Malick. For more information about David’s work: Harmonic Presence Foundation.


Gomde Højskole

Gomde Højskole - "Nordic Open Contemplative Seminars" is a forum for deepening and exploration. Its form of teaching and sharing is deeply inspired by the Højskole (Nordic Folk High School) model for a school for life (read more here) and by the Mind and Life Institute. The summer seminars take place at the Buddhist retreat center Gomde in Helgenæs, Denmark - a beautiful landscape with beaches, forests, apple orchards and rolling hills.

This seminar week will connect well with the ensuing højskole seminar 1, and seminar 2, but they can also be taken separately.


For whom?

Everyone interested can participate. Harmonic Presence retreats are well suited for experienced meditators, singers and other musicians, as well as total beginners in singing and meditation. The only true prerequisite is curiosity and openness to explore together - in a mutually caring, listening and respectful spirit.


Seminar fees

Accommodation Danish kr Euros
Camping (students*) 1100 150
Camping 1500 200
Dormitory 1800 250
Bed in a shared double room 2450 325
Single room 2900 375

All board and lodging is included.
*The prerequisite for the student discount is a valid student id from e.g. a university.



Send an email to saying that you would like to participate. Please specify if you wish to register for the "2019 Harmonic Presence" seminar (and højskole seminar 1, seminar 2, or both, if relevant) as well as your choice of accommodation (see prices in the table above). We will then send you an email with confirmation, bank account for transfer of fee, and other practical information.

Your reservation will be temporary for 2 weeks and be secured permanently when the fee is transferred. Gomde Højskole's conditions for registrations, payments and cancellations are stated in the confirmation email. You can also read them here.