Getting to Gomde Denmark


Gomde Højskole
Smedehalden 3, Esby
DK-8420 Knebel

In general you can find transportation to Gomde from all across Denmark on - you can switch to an English or German version at the top.

If you are driving you can use


The nearest airport is Aarhus Airport / Tirstrup.
From there it is only 30 km (about 30 minutes) to Gomde in a taxi.

Flextur – cheap taxi from the airport to Gomde

It is possible to get cheaper taxi fares by ordering it through “flextur” in advance. This is possible within the borders of the municipality ("Syddjurs") which includes Rønde and the airport as well as Gomde. Note that “flextur” fares are per person so you won't save further by sharing with 2-3 others.

Bus from Aarhus

Take bus number  120, 121, 122 or 123 to Rønde ( or The buses go form the main bus station in Aarhus.

In Rønde you change to bus number 361 ( to Helgenæs. The trip from Røne takes about 50 minutes. You get off right after Esby (ask the driver). There is a sign at the driveway from “Smedehalden” where it says “Rangjung Yeshe Gomde”. Walk up the gravel road (750m) and you have arrived.

Train from Copenhagen

There is a direct train from Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen main station to Aarhus ( From Aarhus you can take the buses suggested above.

Bus from Copenhagen

Take the direct bus: number 888 ( from Copenhagen Airport og Valby Station to Rønde. In Rønde you change to bus number 361 ( The trip is a little more than 5 hours. Make sure to check the time table as the bus doesn’t go so often and doesn’t always fit well with bus number 361. The trip includes a ferry ride.

Car from Copenhagen

Drive to Sjælland Odde and take the ferry to Ebeltoft or Aarhus. Reserve a seat at If you are early you can find cheap tickets. Continue towards Knebel and further on to Esby on Helgenæs. Alternatively you can take the longer drive across Fyn and the highway E45 towards Aarhus. Continue on the exit towards Aarhus N where the new Djursland highway will take you almost all the way to Rønde.


As the public transport options are a bit laborious especially the part from Aarhus, Rønde or the airport it is an advantage to use carpooling. In that way you can also split the costs. We will make a “secret” facebook-group for each of the courses as this has proven to be a very effective way to offer or ask for a ride or create common taxi-arrangements.