This page contains practical informations on the venue, check-in, facilities and everyday practicalities at Gomde Højskole. You are very welcome to get in touch if you have other questions.


The place

Finding your way to Gomde Denmark. This page contains addresses, maps and information on public transportaion. Onc you have arrived, see us to check in.

What kind of place is Gomde? The venue of the contemplative summerschool is the Tibetan Buddhist retreat center  Gomde - in the middle of the beautiful peninsula Helgenæs.  "Gomde Denmark", a Buddhist NGO, is the organisational framework. However, the "Højskole" seminars are not courses in Gomde's line of Buddhism or Buddhism in general. Like other Nordic "folk high school" seminars they are open fora for development and exchange, for everyone intersted in contemplative culture and its contributions to problems of our time.

Virtual sightseeing: If you would like to know the place a bit in advance, here is a 5 minutes' video guided tour of Gomde's surroundings and buildings. 

Arrival: When you first arrive at Gomde, you can find the team and check in at the office wich is part of the the dining hall building (opposite the largest building, the temple hall). We will show you where your accommodation is and give you the detailed program for the first days. 

Accommodation: If you have reserved a space in a single or double room, it includes a bed with linen, quilt and pillow, and a towel. If you have chosen to stay in a dormitory, there will be a mattress on the floow but you will need your own linen, towel and sleeping bag. If you have chosen the cheapest accommodation option, "camping or staying outside Gomde", we can guide you to the place in Gomde's old beautiful apple orchards where you are welcome to camp.

It is possible to upgrade to another accommodation option as we go along, if you wish - e.g., because of heavy rain - as long as we have places left.

Facilities: Gomde has two building complexes: Upper Gomde ("Thornbjerggaard") og Lower Gomde ("Strandgården"). Most of the højskole activities will be at Upper Gomde i the large temple hall. Both complexes have rooms, dorms and camping areas, as well as toilets and showers, and there is just a 5 minutes' walk between them. The main kitchen and dining hall is at upper Gomde. 

Laundry: washing your own clothes is possible at upper Gomde and possibly at Strandgaarden, contact the team to "book" a time for the machine.

Café: Gomde has a small cafe with espresso, tea, snacks. You may also find ice cream, toothbrushes or shampoo there. All profits goes to the Gomde association. 

Local shop: about 4 km away (5 minutes' drive) from Gomde, in the village of Kongsgaarde, there is a local grocery store. This is the only shop in the peninsula of Helgenæs - small but surprisingly broad selection.

Buddha shop: Gomde has a tiny shop with  ”Buddhist souvenirs” including tangka paintings, singing bowls, mala rosaries etc. 

Walks and swims: Gomde Højskole is situated in some of Denmark's most beautiful countryside with hills, beaches, forests and many paths and small roads, offering a rich selection of walks and great places to swim. In the dining hall you can find maps showing the best walks. We will also offer a guided walk or two on the first days of each seminar. But of course you can also simply explore...

Health: Contact the team in case of any health problem. We have first aid boxes etc for minor problems, or if necessary we will contact the local physician.

Because of the rich wildlife in the area, there may be tics in the grass, and these may carry the Borrelia bacteria that can cause lyme disease if untreated. They are not dangerous if you check yourself regularly and remove tics from your skin within a day or two. There is a small pamphlet and "tic removal tool" posted in the dining area. If you are not quite sure how to remove a tic, contact the team.


The days

Check in is open from 1 pm - 3 pm on the first day of the seminar. Just write us a note if you need to check in at a different time. Between 1 pm and 1.30 pm there will be a light lunch served, after that just tea and rolls.

Seminar start: Welcome and first teaching session in the big hall from 3.30 pm

Check out Each of the one week summer seminars ends with a lunch served between 1 - 2 pm. If you have been sleeping in a single or double room, we request you to remove linen from quilt and pillow and leave it in a big blue bag in the hallway. If you have stayed in camping areas or dormitory, we just ask you to clear up the space and remember to take your belongings with you. 

Language. All content of the seminars will be made available in Danish as well as English. The main language of sessions will depend on the main speakers but there will be simultaneous translation to the other language (via small FM receivers and headphones).

Food: All meals are included. The manu will be vegetarian with a Mediterranean note. The cooks will try to offer options taking any health related dietary concerns into account (email us ) it is a good idea to bring special supplements, gluten-free bread etc that you might need.

Small daily tasks ("yogi jobs")  Gomde and Gomde Højskole can only offer the seminars at the low fees they do by virtue of many voluntary efforts and donations. In the same generous spirit we ask each participant to do a small daily task ”yogi job”, e.g., cutting vegetables in the kitchen or doing dishes, half an hour. This happens in small teams, and gives a good opportunity to make friends. We set yogi job teams at check-in. 



Send an email to saying that you would like to participate. Please specify if you wish to register for seminar 1, seminar 2, or both, as well as your choice of accommodation (see above). We will then send you an email with confirmation, bank account for transfer of fee, and other practical information.

(Your reservation will be temporary for 2 weeks and be secured permanently when the fee is transferred. Gomde Højskole's conditions for registrations, payments and cancellations are stated in the confirmation email. You can also read them here.